Embrace a New Era of Fusion Wellness

Discover the restorative and rejuvenating benefits of Flowpresso, a single-source hands-free meditative massage where three whole-body holistic therapies are combined into one.

You've been busy working on your body from the outside-in. Now embrace your innate abilities to build wellness from the inside-out.


A Sensory 3-in-1 Hands-Free Massage Experience

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Flowpresso feels like a warm, gentle, all-over hug that creates a soothing wave-like motion from your toes to your torso.

The secret is in a special cyclical sequence that integrates compressiondeep pressure, and thermo therapy. Delivered through an innovative bodysuit, it also features an additional nano-vibration chip that works in sync with the thermo therapy to release tension across the shoulders.

Designed to guide you into a deep state of relaxation, Flowpresso encourages nature’s healing abilities by activating your parasympathetic zone.

dive into the detail on three revitalising therapies

Creating one effortless moment of calm

Far Infrared Light


Thermo therapy

Gentle, radiant heat waves engineered to harmonise with your body’s natural rhythms, promoting detoxification, enhanced mobility, and alleviating discomfort or tension.

Compression Therapy



A meticulously orchestrated cycle of gentle inflation and deflation to artfully foster the body’s innate flow and vitality for enhanced movement and well-being.

Deep Pressure


Deep Pressure

A comforting all-over embrace applying gentle pressure akin to a hug. Evokes a soothing sense of tranquility and emotional well-being.

Afterwards some people find calm, productive energy, accompanied by heightened focus and crystal clarity. Others may revel in a profound sense of relaxation, embracing a serene sense of stillness. Or, those on a healing journey may feel the need to rest, enabling the body and mind to recover.

The Benefits of Flowpresso

Time spent effortlessly in your biological healing mode

Bolstered natural immunity

Elevated sports performance and recovery

A good night’s sleep

Less stress and more emotional stability

Enhanced skin health and complexion

Mental clarity and resilience

More energy and motivation

Alleviated pain and more mobility

Less toxic load and fluid retention

A simpler way to combat tiredness and fatigue

Reduced risk of burnout

Effective support for specific health challenges

More mind-body balance and awareness

Enhanced overall well-being and vitality

flow for every generation

Who is Flowpresso suitable for?

Wellness Warriors
Peak Performers & Fitness Fanatics
The Stressed & Anxious
Hug Hunters
Sleepless Sleepers
Frequent Flyers & Long Haul Milers
Inner Beauty Buffs & Cleanse Crusaders
Candle Burners
Focus Finders & Procrastination Professors
Fatigue Fighters
Sedentary Sitters

FLOWpresso is clinically proven to enhance sleep, reduce stress and minimise anxiety.



Severe inflammation of a limb or broken bones; untreated or infected wounds; active cancer; known or suspected DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis or Thrombophlebitis); unbalanced cardiac insufficiency; pregnancy; abdominal spinal curvature; unless approved by a physician. If you suffer from chronic back issues please call us to see if this service is suitable for you.

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