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The Neuro Bar is the place and space to chill out in the busy modern world. We help you to relax, breathe, and enjoy the revolutionary Flowpresso experience. With us, you can take an effortless moment to calm and engage the senses. To tune into sounds and frequencies, feel a gentle hug or maybe even sleep. We make it easy to dedicate a secluded hour of your time to restore, rejuvenate, and revistalise.


Your go-to therapeutic wellness bar, we are the HOME OF FLOWPRESSO. Indulging in a spa-like massage and meditation experience wrapped in an innovative bodysuit, we are akin to a relaxing gym for regular physical and mental maintenance.

Complementing your therapy, we provide expertise and therapeutic services to help nurture balance and regulation of the lymphatic and autonomic nervous systems. Then we wrap in the little extras that will take your Flowpresso experience and outcomes to the next level.


The essence behind our brand

Together as a team, we aim to alleviate the overwhelm stemming from life’s challenges. A community of independent thinkers, we embrace and celebrate neuro diversity. Having the opportunity to positively impact people’s mental and physical wellbeing (now and for future generations) is what gets us out of bed in the morning. 


We are proud that our brand has not been manufactured by an agency under time constraints or budgets. It has been passionately and organically curated over time to align with the vision, purpose and heart of Flowpresso therapy. 


Our team ethos

As guardians of The Neuro Bar brand, our team is dedicated to being in your waka for the good times and the tough ones. For one moment in your day, we put you at the centre of your world. So come relax with us and leave our studios with a warm glow… feeling supported, nurtured, and balanced.


“What if getting a shot of wellbeing could be as easy and accessible as walking into a nail salon?”


Karen, Founder of The Neuro Bar

Why we do WHAT WE DO

To improve the quality of life
for people and communities
around the Pacific.

Your FLOWpresso® Technician

With you throughout your journey is trained FLOWpresso® technician. Our role is to ensure you feel comfortable, safe and secure so you can relax and enjoy your therapeutic experience. Guiding and continually assessing your needs, she will tailor a personalised program.  

The Neuro Bar was founded by Karen Gemmell and joined by FLOWpresso® founder, Clinical Director and lymphatics specialist, Desiree De Spong. Further information is available at www.flowpresso.co.nz.

FLOWpresso® therapy is NOT suitable for people with the following conditions: Severe inflammation of a limb or broken bones; untreated or infected wounds; active cancer; known or suspected DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis or Thrombophlebitis); unbalanced cardiac insufficiency; pregnancy; abdominal spinal curvature;back or hip issues, unless approved by a physician.

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