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Training and Recovery Support for Athletes

Improve sports performance and endurance with FLOWpresso®

Our guest blogger this month is Niki Creasy.  A mum, business owner, runner and social media influencer (@run_niki_run), Niki is using FLOWpresso therapy in preparation for the Mount Maunganui Half Marathon. Originally scheduled for August, the event was postponed by the Delta outbreak,  so now Niki’s training regime is kicking back into action to prepare for the rescheduled date on the 27th of November.

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What makes FLOWpresso® therapy different to traditional massage?

3 Great reasons why you should try FLOWpresso®

For people that love traditional massage – you’ll most likely love this groundbreaking 3-in-1 therapeutic experience. And for those who don’t enjoy the up-close-and-too-personal nature of the traditional form, FLOWpresso® might just be the alternative you’ve been looking for.


In simple terms, FLOWpresso® is kind of like a massage, but not as we know it!  Read about the three key things that make it different.

Funded by Callaghan Institute

Researching the Effects of FLOWpresso®

Medella Health (creators of FLOWpresso(r)) have received a research and development grant from the Callaghan Institute of New Zealand and are currently investigating the Effects of FLOWpresso on Health Conditions. This project is due to be completed by December 2021. We will update our website here once results are published.


FLOWpresso® 6 Week Pilot Study

A 6 week pilot study conducted by Medella Health and reviewed by Waikato University concluded that a combination of mechanical deep pressure stimulation and far infra-red heating was effective at alleviating fatigue and improving subjective sleep quality.

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