Improve sports performance and endurance with FLOWpresso®
Training and Recovery Support for Athletes

Improve sports performance and endurance with FLOWpresso®

Our guest blogger this month is Niki Creasy.  A mum, business owner, runner and social media influencer (@run_niki_run), Niki is using FLOWpresso therapy in preparation for the Mount Maunganui Half Marathon. Originally scheduled for August, the event was postponed by the Delta outbreak,  so now Niki’s training regime is kicking back into action to prepare for the rescheduled date on the 27th of November.

high angle selfie of caucasion woman (Niki) running wearing earphones and a singlet and shorts and cap.

As a runner with a desk job – as well as being 14 months postpartum – resting my body and making sure my muscles recover is very important to me to prevent injury and stay pain-free. I describe my Neuro Bar sessions to my friends as “getting a massage without taking your clothes off, getting oily, or having a stranger touch you” – perfect! 


Karen at The Neuro Bar suggested I start with three sessions in Relaxation Mode before moving on to the more intense Sport Mode while I trained for the Mount Maunganui Half Marathon. The Relaxation Mode lived up to its name. I fell asleep during every session and always left feeling very calm. The next day, my body felt great, I had slept well (as well as a person can sleep with a teething toddler in the next room!), my mental clarity and alertness were good, and my training runs felt great.


A woman in lying down relaxing, with a wheatbag covering her eyes and wearing headphones.



I went into my first Sport Mode session with a very fatigued body after ticking up a lot of kilometres during the week. Again, I fell asleep during the session and left feeling really good – a lot of the tightness in my muscles was gone.

In the two weeks leading up to the event, my treatment plan consisted of a Sport Mode session prior to my training day (which included 18km and 20km distances) and a Relaxation treatment for recovery on the day after. I really looked forward to these! I believe FLOWpresso® helped my body feel good before, during, and after… You still get fatigued after training, which is to be expected, but recovery is much faster and I experienced less toll on my body.


Unfortunately, all of New Zealand went into a Level 4 lockdown the week of the Half Marathon, so the event was postponed. I really missed my Neuro Bar sessions during lockdown, and was very excited to get back there once the restrictions lifted! I will definitely be visiting The Neuro Bar as I prepare for the postponed event in a couple of months.


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