Create More Wellness Flow Workshop

Create More Wellness Flow Workshop

NEXT WORKSHOP: 11th Oct 2023, 6.30-8.30pm

Learn about how your body possesses remarkable natural abilities to heal, revitalise, boost immunity, achieve restful sleep, manage stress, combat fatigue, rid itself of toxins, and enhance both mental and physical performance?

Empower better self-care for your mind and body with this highly educational and insightful workshop with leading lymphatics specialist Desiree De Spong.


Learn about caring for the all-powerful lymphatic system, responsible for your body’s natural immune and waste management processes. Then find out how working with your autonomic nervous system can support its fundamental ability to restore, recover and rejuvenate from physical or mental stress, injury, and illness.

Learn about the all-powerful lymphatics system


Topics in the workshop include:


  • Learn to love your lymphatics: the body’s key immune and waste management system
  • Speed up recovery and heal faster: why you should spend more time in your body’s parasympathetic (rest and recover) flow state
  • Stress less: understand how to use your autonomic nervous system to manage stress
  • Sleep your way to better health: why it is one of the best tools for better health
  • The right type of hydration is key: why it’s not just quantity but quality
  • Creating fascia flow: Working with your fascia to improve sports performance and recovery


This wellness workshop is ideal for individuals, athletes, fitness professionals, health practitioners, and wellbeing specialists who would like to gain better insights into emerging and proven self-care wellness trends to enhance physical and mental wellbeing.



Caffeine free refreshments available. Each attendee will receive a wellbeing goodie bag and some simple natural solutions to maintain good health.


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This event is available as a bespoke corporate wellness workshop. To enquire about booking Desiree De Spong for your next event please contact


*LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Due to Desiree’s international travelling schedules, advanced bookings are required.



Desiree De Spong is the Founder and CEO of New Zealand based company Medella Health and creator of the revolutionary 3-in-1 Flowpresso and Flow Vibrate wellness devices. Now in her third decade of working in holistic medicine and education, Desiree is a leading lymphatics research, development, and innovation specialist in the field of Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy. Highly recognised and sought after for her expertise in the United States, she developed and has been delivering lymphatic education classes worldwide since 2009.


Having led the 2023 Australasian Lymph Summit in February, this will be Desiree’s first publicly accessible wellness workshop in Tauranga. Prior to the event, the innovative and determined Kiwi entrepreneur will also have completed a 10-week roadshow through North America where she appeared as a guest speaker at several key events including the Occupational Safety and Wellness Symposium for Law Enforcement in California.


In February 2020, just prior to the worldwide pandemic, Desiree launched her innovative Flowpresso technology in the which now features in over 280 clinics throughout Australasia, North America and around the world. Most recently she released a new unique lymph release technology called Flow Vibrate in March 2023.


Funded by leading New Zealand agency Callaghan Innovation, Medella Health released clinical research findings overseen by Waikato University of the Effects of Cyclical Deep Pressure on Sleep, Stress and Anxiety, delivered by the FLOWpresso in 2022. This research was completed to assist with the mental health and sleep crisis that exists in the world today, along with supporting people with their health and sport recovery.

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