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Our FLOWpresso experiences include relaxation, sport and corporate wellbeing.

Therapy Menu - The Neuro Bar

The ultimate restorative experience

There are two different modes, Sports* and Relaxation, your FLOWpresso® technician will ensure you have the right program for optimal results. Every mind and body experience during treatment will be different. You might reach a deep meditative space in your own FLOWpresso® bubble or even fall asleep! After your session, you might feel light and refreshed or deeply relaxed.
*We recommend completing a Starter Pack before booking a Sports Mode FLOWpresso® session


The Balance Bar

FLOW shots for everyone for everyday wellness.
FLOWpresso® relaxation is engineered for all ages and body types for a relaxing and therapeutic bit of me-time.
Ideal for people who are stressed, tired or anxious.
Client’s often report improved focus and mental clarity after a session.
Our three session starter pack is an excellent way to see how your body and mind will benefit.


The Sports Bar

FLOW shots for mental and physical performance and recovery.

Sports Mode is one step firmer than the gentle pressure of relaxation mode.
It’s more like receiving a fullbody squeeze; creating sensory awareness in the body to feel where it’s holding tension.

This encourages your body to release this tension and at the same time increases flow and detoxification of the body.


Corporate & Conference

FLOW shots for the whole team.

Custom designed options to support a culture of health and wellbeing in the workplace. This unique experience can even be included in your upcoming conference programme.

With a range of memberships and group discounts, mobile or temporary, permanent pop-up services we can develop a proposal to suit your needs.


FLOWpresso® is an excellent tool to integrate into your wellness approach


3 Session Starter Pack

We recommend that everyone starts with three sessions to understand how your body will respond to FLOW and the individual benefits that can be achieved. Note that people seeking sports-mode therapy must complete 3 sessions of relaxation first.

$210 for 3 one-hour sessions


One-off Wellness Shots

Great for tuning in for a shot of well-being on a one-off basis. Come and go when your body feels the need to relax, reset and rejuvenate.


Corporate & Event

We have a range of fully serviced and flexible options depending to suit your needs. Our partnership programs include all equipment and a fully trained technician.


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