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We recommend that everyone starts with three sessions over three to six weeks. Some people will take this many sessions to fully understand how their body will fully relax and respond to the FLOW experience.

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The Difference Between Relaxation & Sport Mode

The 'Relax' Bar

FLOW shots for everyone for everyday wellness.
FLOWpresso® relaxation is engineered for all ages and body types for a relaxing and therapeutic bit of me-time.
Ideal for people who are stressed, tired or anxious.
Client’s often report improved focus and mental clarity after a session.
Our three session starter pack is an excellent way to see how your body and mind will benefit.

The Sports Bar

FLOW shots for mental and physical performance and recovery.

Sports Mode is one step firmer than the gentle pressure of relaxation mode.
It’s more like receiving a fullbody squeeze; creating sensory awareness in the body to feel where it’s holding tension.

This encourages your body to release this tension and at the same time increases flow and detoxification of the body.


FLOWpresso® is an excellent tool to integrate into your wellness approach

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